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501st Newsletter Issue #41

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501st Newsletter Issue #41

Publisher: CX-X Canik
May 22nd, 2020


Editor's Note:

    Hello everyone, and thank you for reading the 501st Newsletter, Issue #41! Recently, we posted an announcement for a recruitment drive in the Official 501st Discord. Previously we were looking for Newsletter Correspondents and War Correspondents. This time we are looking for some creative thinkers to join the Journalist side of the team in order to help bring you guys quality articles to read. In addition, a few changes were made within the News Team, including the compression of our two journalist teams into one (with the hopes that we can focus our efforts in standardizing our quality), additions to our War Correspondents (with positions always open, especially with the newest expansions), as well as a start on some new project ideas (including CM Target's quick recap video of the previous weekend of campaigning). 


    We appreciate your continued loyalty to our content, and encourage suggestions and ideas from the community. If you have a cool video project you would like showcased, or that you believe would be a cool addition to our News content, feel free to message myself (CX-X Canik), or CT Momentum.


    Make sure to keep your eyes out for a few articles in the near future, including an in-depth look into the Krayt Program, as well as the newest expansion to the 501st Legion, Cyclone Company!










    As the 501st Legion marches forward in time, we look into better ways to help the members with their ambitions, both in game and out of game. We recently saw the expansion of Acklay into a Company unfold, which presented ease on the game servers during their operations, as well as opportunities for rank progression. This expanse also acted as a proof of concept for Avalanche to attempt the same. Prior to these events, only once had another Company of infantry opened in 501st history, Blizzard. There were various reasons as to why Blizzard did not work, but instead of leaving the idea dead in the water, our new leadership decided to expand on it and try something new. This would be Cyclone.


    As of posting this Newsletter, we can only provide the basic public details.

    WHEN: Sunday, 05/24, after 2nd Platoon's Operation. These changes are as of current on schedule to begin at the conclusion of the Operations on Sunday.


    WHO: Avalanche will be brought down to 3 Platoons, each platoon consisting of 3 squads each. Cyclone will see an existing platoon join it's ranks, with an addition of 2 more platoons, all with 3 squads each. The majority of 4th Platoon will become 1st Platoon of Cyclone Company. The majority of 3rd Platoon Avalanche Company will become 3rd Platoon Cyclone Company. Various squads from the 4 current platoons will be incorporated into the new platoons, or transition to the newly organized Avalanche Platoons. Many of these squad and platoon changes were made with their members in mind, based on availability for the new Operation Times. 


    OPERATION TIMES: These are the times currently publicly available: 

Avalanche 3 -- 8pm Thursday

Acklay 2 -- 6pm Friday

Cyclone 3 -- 8pm Friday

Cyclone 2 -- 2pm Saturday

Cyclone 1 -- 430pm Saturday

Avalanche 1 -- 530pm Saturday

Acklay 1 -- 3pm Sunday

Avalanche 2 -- 5pm Sunday


Disclaimer - This is all public knowledge. Due to the nature of this expansion, information may change as quickly as it is released, and as such this announcement is purely to help make people aware of said changes.






At long last, some organization within the Discord. On 05/20, many big changes where made to the Discord, including the condensing of channels and categories, as well as the renaming and adjustments to others. The most notable of these changes would be the slimming of C Shop related categories into their base department categories. Now, all C1 - Personnel related C Shops are within the C1 - Personnel category. This change includes all MoS and Qualification channels (now found under C6 - Training). A few C Shop channels were left alone, however. Tech Support is still found under "501st Unit Information", and the Aux Mod still has it's own category, both due to the nature of their shops. Another big change was the reorganization of the channels found near the top of the Discord, as well as some name changes. "General Stuff" category is now known as "501st Open" with the intent of being the social channels available to guests and members alike. "Unit Info" is now "501st Unit Info" and contains informative channels regarding information for the 501st. "501st Community" kept its name, but saw the addition of Unit Chat and Unit Photos, and the loss of the "Other" channels (Other Events, Other Events Discussion, and Other Games), sacrificed to the "501st Social" category. Additionally, the "Newcomers" category was moved to the top of the discord, with informative channels as well as the Recruiter Central (Now Recruiter Open) placed within for the sake of people wishing to join the community. Tag Request and Leave of Absence remains where it is, within "501st Unit Info". 


You will also see some additional name changes, such as the renaming of all "-public" channels now called "-open". These changes were for consistency. Lastly, as stated in the announcement prior to this, Cyclone Company will be opening, and as such, Cyclone Company, and Cyclone 1-3 categories were created as placeholders for the big switcheroo. These categories are currently empty, but will be utilized as the expansion occurs this Sunday. As the Discord Admin, I understand some of these changes come as a frustration, but it is a necessary move as we continue to create and expand our ranks within the unit. If you come across any bugs or news features you didnt normally have and have not earned by billet, please send me (CX-X Canik) a DM, or poke me on our TS. Thank you!






UTC: Showing some love to our UTC instructors, we would like to remind all recruits who have passed BCT to attend a UTC orientation in order to complete their training and continue to progress their skills and abilities. Orientation is scheduled for next friday (05/29) at 6pm EST, with an orientation taking place every other Friday. Currently, UTC staff are not recruiting for additional instructors, however, as the flow of recruits increases, so too will the need for more instructors. Keep an eye for future recruitment announcements for UTC staff positions.  



 ROSTER CLERKS: With recent changes in Roster Clerk staff, some new positions were recently opened. Applicants that were Cadets or above were asked to create an example roster, and send it to CC Fancy as part of the application process. Currently, selected applicants are under review, with decisions expected to be made soon. 



TCW: TCW staff are looking for additional members to fill their ranks. Their current recruitment focus is on those who have skills in Texturing, though if you have experience within any modding capacity, feel free to apply. Additionally, the team is looking for more 501st Testers, where you would be required to test various assets within the mod, and provide information about said assets that can help improve the quality overall. TCW is also working on polishing a variety of aspects of the mod, and will be updated the 3AS Beta soon. If you are interested in any position within TCW, feel free to contact CC Lava, CS-M Drifter, or CP Tuff within the 501st, or CC Jek or CLC Ganch of the 212th. 





  “Stay safe out there.” - BC Jay




Avalanche HQNewAva

News: Avalanche HQ members are hard at work organizing the Cyclone expansion, slotted to officially take place this Sunday after all platoon Operations have been completed. 

No Promotions

"I hear time slowly changes the things around us, but someone has to make the changes right?" - CC Player




Acklay HQNKC850c

News: Much to the delight of the Newsletter Publisher, Acklay is looking into the creation and editing of their Company and Platoon logos. 

Promotions: Lava (1st LT to Captain)

"I've heard Andromeda is keeping up the tradition of dipping pizza in milk." - CC Lava




News: Zeta Company is working their best to provide the unit with Active members to keep squads moving and filling positions across the battalion.

Promotions: Projekt (CR-C to CT)

"Delta has assured me that the Warhammer tanks will be modified to have miniatures on the sides by the end of the week." - CC Fancy







Avalanche 1 New1st

Recruitment: 1-1 has one Trooper Slot Open.

No Promotions

“Excited for what the future may bring!” - CC Point




Avalanche 2New2ND

Recruitment:2-1 has 1 Medic Slot Open, 2-2 has 1 Medic Slot Open, 2-3 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, and 2-4 has 1 RTO and 1 Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Infinite (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Chaser (CP to Sr. CP), Hackett (CT to Sr. CT).

“I feel a storm coming… the wind, the air, it feels like a cyclone is coming!” - CS-M Pompano




Avalanche 3New3rd

Recruitment:3-1 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, 3-2 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, and 3-4 has 1 Medic Slot Open.

No Promotions.

"To the future holder of Avalanche 3-6, if you tap the desk 3 times, you get a Snickers." - CC Andromeda





Avalanche 4New4th

Recruitment: 4-1 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, 4-3 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, 4-4 has 2 Trooper Slots Open.

Promotions: CT Craz (Billeted to 4-4 Bravo Team Lead), Shadow (Sr. CP to CS), Indigo (CT to Sr. CT), Matt (CT to Sr. CT),

“4th Platoon is forever” - CS-M Drifter




Acklay 1NKC850c

Recruitment: N/A

Promotions: Nobear (CS to CS-M), Volley (CT to Sr. CT).

"I stole Ricochet's Spaghetti" - CS-M Nobear



Acklay 2NKC850c

Recruitment: N/A

Promotions: Grinch (CS to CS-M), Yowa (CT to Sr. CT).

"Aight Bucko, lemme break it down. Nobear copied my helmet and don't let anyone tell you otherwise." - CS-M Ricochet









News: ITA applicants are undergoing their interview process in order to start the ride-a-long portion of joining Razor. Feel free to attend any voluntary flight training hosted by members of Razor if you are interested in honing your flying abilities!

Promotions: Casskun (Flight Officer to LTJG).

“You can tell a lot about a leader by how they treat those in their charge, than by those beside or above them. Also, Dylan is heading off to US Air Force basic, so I’d like to announce his banishment from Razor for his refusal to shave with an electric razor. He is banished forthwith, until he learns the value of a proper shave.” - CX-S Casskun





News: Mynock re-organisation is going well and IEA is running smoothly

Promotions: Zulu (CS to CS-M), Compo (Sr. CT to Vt. CT)

“I like to write "to whomever it concerns" on my shells. Makes it more personal” - CS Dues





News: New training coming out soon! Expanding to two classes, a basic one open to CRs in UTC, and a qualification one open to CR-C+ that includes most of the calls and the current advanced training.

RTO Promotions: Ajax (CI-C to CI)

“I am proud to announce that CI Rise has been promoted to head RTO Intern” - CI-S Purdy





News: The unwritten rules of medics are now written and new AAR templates are out.

Medical Promotions: Larry (CR-C to CM-C), Peaches (CR to CM-C), Merlin (CT to CM-C), Ender (CM-C to CM), Sunday (CM to CM-T)

“CM-P isn’t pronounced ‘Simp’” - CM-P Cor








501st News Team opinion doesn’t reflect the opinions of the entire community. If you’d like to help the news team bring in new information, you can by signing up for the news team, submitting an article, posting a piece of media or getting publicity for a custom event you’re hosting. For those interested, please contact either CX-X Canik, CT Momentum, or one of the editors for more information. Your voice matters, let it be heard. We’re currently looking for writers to collect stories, media and content. Feel free to leave comments  below on what you think.  Also please consider donating to the 501st to help pay for server costs and help keep this community alive and well maintained.


Publisher: CX-X Canik
Assistant Publisher: CT Momentum

Chief Newsletter Correspondent: CX-X Canik
Correspondents: CM Sunshine, CW Super, CM-P Cor
Graphic Designers (Headers, BARC, etc): CS Jupiter, CT Dragon

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