501st Newsletter Issue #24

 CT Sideways    06 Aug 2019
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July 21st - August 4th, 2019

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Sunday, August 4th, 2019


Border Example 2

Battalion HQ

“Don’t be a dick.” - BC Jay

Avalanche HQ

Pipit (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Target (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Vengeance (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Tideend (Sr. CT to CP), Hoodoo (CP to CS)

“Avalanche Company’s doin’ grand: my dog’s ok, the press is censoring me, Odin is [REDACTED].” - CC Player
“That is completely false.” - CS-M Odin

Avalanche 1

Point (CS-M to CC), Kestrel (CT to CP), Tideend (CT to CP), Coin (CR-C to CT), Mustang (CT to Sr, CT)

“Excited for the FTX cycle and going to get some training in before campaign starts back up again.” - CC Point

Avalanche 2

Anta (CR-C to CT), September (CT to Sr. CT), Duke (CT to Sr. CT), Crisis (CS-M to CC)

“Ewik is losing the invasion against the Soviets” - CS-M Crisis

Avalanche 3

Knight (CT to Sr. CT)

Chan (Sr. CT to CP)

Muzzer (Sr. CT to CP)

“3rd Platoon welcomes back their Commander, Ewik, after his recovery from the near fatal bird attack.” - CS-M Andromeda

Avalanche 4

York (CR-C to CT)

Clock (Sr. CT to CP)

"Avalanche 4 is preparing for our next deployment in the galactic campaign. Currently we're working on dealing with highly aggressive and intelligent hostile elements and how to overcome them." - CS-M Coward


Brandon (CP to Sr. CP)

"Those clankers are on the run! All I hope is LT Grub is safe." - CC Lava


Korvus (Sr. CT to Vt. CT)

“Lot of changes internally and externally, looking forward to the future of Onyx” - CS George


“Razor is doing superb - Fantastic even. Standby for an announcement regarding this upcoming IEA. On another note, the Warden detachment is still looking for members to fill their ranks.” - CX-W Flog

“If you ever have questions about Razor or are interested in joining be sure to use #razor-open or DM a flight officer.” - CX Scuba


“This is fine...” - CC Klein


“Crab Champions looks to be a quality video game that I would encourage all members of the unit to purchase and play” - CP Fancy



We really don't know how many clones there are out there.

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