501st Newsletter Issue #35

 CT Ruse    15 Nov 2019
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501st Newsletter Issue #35

501st Newsletter Issue #35
[November, 14, 2019]


Border Example 2

Avalanche HQ

CC Crisis to Company XO

Avalanche 1

Sounder (CT to Sr. CT), Bronson (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Kahn (Sr. CT to CP)

Chilling in winter (: - CC Point

Avalanche 2

Gamble (CS to Sr. CS), Sense (CP to CS), Hyper (Sr. CT to Vt. CT)

Congratulations to Crisis on obtaining Avalanche Company XO. Coincidently, steaks will no longer be used as Objective or RP names in 2nd Platoon Operations - CS-M Pompano

Avalanche 3

Dimitri (CP to Sr. CP), Crebar (CT to Sr. CT), Schames (CP to CS), Darkstar (CP to Sr. CP), Eikor (CT to Sr. CT)

3rd is doing good. Fun fact, despite him always considering the ocean, CS-M Pompano doesn't even know how to swim. - CS-M Andromeda

Avalanche 4

Drifter (CS to CS-M), Juggernaut (CP to CS), Boozy (CP to CS), Defender (CT to Sr. CT)

Ransoming lava's crumpets for my troopers back - CS-M Drifter


Ricochet (CS to CS-M), Dragneel (CP to CS), Grinch (CP to CS), Viking (Sr. CT to Vt. CT)

"You should all send nice messages to Odin about his helmet." - CC Lava


Shnuffles (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Ghilly (Sr. Petty Officer to Vt. Petty Officer), Keryl (Ensign to Sr. Ensign),  Shock (CX-C to CX-X)

"A mile of road, you can drive a mile. But a mile of runway, you can travel the world." - CX Jackson


CX Scuba to Acting Detachment Commander, 

“Rolling Forward” - CX Scuba *A*


"Congratulations to Point for coming out as a furry" - CI-P Purdy


Tank (CM-C to CM), Essay (CM-C to CM) 


Bandit (CR-C to CT)

“We hope Fancy’s recovery goes well” - CS Delta



  CR Invar

CR Khyrek

CR Kurtfurst

CR Matthew

CR Augustus

CR Dunpar

CR Kibab

CR Rapid

CR Sophia

CR Yowa

CR Harpy





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