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501st Newsletter Issue #36

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501st Newsletter Issue #36

Publisher: CX-X Canik
January 20th, 2020

Editor's Note:

Hello all, and thanks for reading the 501st Newsletter, Issue 36! As you may have noticed, it’s been a long while since the newsletter has been posted, and there is more content than normal. The News Team has been hard at work finalizing some articles for posting, as well as reforming the team itself and the way we operate in order to bring you, the reader, more material to enjoy. A few key differences to this News Letter; under each HQ and Detachment in the promotions areas, we will begin incorporating certain news pieces (for detachments and HQs, this will usually be recruitment dates, or policy changes that apply to the whole unit; and for platoons, this will usually be for squad recruitment. DM myself or Momentum if you want your squad recruitment posted, otherwise we are left to the discord channel for that information!). Additionally, we have brought back B.A.R.C. Detachment, so make sure you post those lovely photos of your brave and fierce pets in the #news-open Discord channel! Another note, to the RTOs and Medics, information regarding promotions within your personnel and other relevant news had unfortunately been neglected this article. I am deeply sorry for that, and will make sure to get any and all information from you gents for the next one! The past few weeks have been filled with events across all of the 501st. Also, make sure to check out CM Husky's video dedicated to the friendships and bonds that have been made in this great community. You can find it at the bottom of the news letter! Lastly, please ignore the text at the top of the article. Cruisie and I are working to make sure it doesn't show in the next article. I also plan on working on the formatting for future articles to make things look smoother and neater. Thank you all for your patience!

  • Raffle Winners, Winter Stand Down Ends, ARC 2.0 (see Company HQ news), Acklay Expansion (see Acklay HQ news), and CShop announcements.
  • Platoon and Detachment Promotions and News.
  • Monthly BARC Detachment Photos.

Before you continue, please remember that this unit and community is purely run off your donations and hard work. Consider donating HERE or become a Patreon Supporter HERE and enjoy some extra benefits! Thank you for keeping the gears turning!


Per BC Jay (November Raffle Winners!):


“I'm happy to announce the winners of this months Raffle!

CM Weaver - Jedi Fallen Order Standard Copy!

CI-P Purdy  - Jedi Fallen Order Standard Copy!

CX-W Rive   - Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Copy!

Please make sure you read the messages sent to you, so that you can get those ASAP!”


Per BC Jay (December Raffle Winners!):


“Sorry about that, a day late but not a dollar short! I'd like to announce the winners of the Star Citizen Give Away!

Congrats to;

CI-P Loki 

CM-C Holiday 

CT Kraken

You'll be messaged shortly with instructions!

Thank you to our sponsor for this! As well as another thank you to next!”


    The Mod Development Team is in search of some new talent! If you have the creative and technological know how, the Team is looking for individuals who have experience in scripting, coding, texturing, terrain development, UV mapping, or any other modding skills. Contact CC Lava if you are interested in more information!


    The TCW Team was looking for INFANTRY ASSET TESTERS. The application process ended on 12/13/19, but if you have config/modding experience, or don’t but would still like to assist, make sure you keep an eye out for the next openings. These tester positions are very important to the mod creation process, and will allow for a smooth release of the TCW mod. (Please note that we placed this chunk of text under the C-Shop Announcements instead of the Mod and Patch Notes section as this is an official C-Shop Position, and is regarding positioning and recruitment, as opposed to details of the mod creation process)


    Have you ever wanted to join a C-Shop? Have you ever wanted to do something worthwhile for the Unit? Have you ever wanted to see something you created in game? Have you ever wanted to be a part of a team spanning across multiple Starsim units in an effort to create a better community? If the answer to the above is yes, then you’ll be glad to know that we are constantly looking for help and talent in the TCW Development Team. We could use every skill we can get our hands on. From modelers to texturers, from importers to scripters/coders. If you would like to join our glorious cause, feel free to send a message to the Lead 501st Developer, CC Lava, or the head of the Weapons team, CS-M Pompano. This is the way.


    Tech Support is looking for new members! If you have the drive to help others with technical issues, including mods, game errors, or just general tech issues, and have the patience of an angel, DM CX-P Zatama on Discord with your Rank, Name, and that you are interested!


Battalion HQ

News: The recent Town Hall includes quite a few changes, including the expansion of Acklay (see Acklay News), the return of ARC (with a twist, see Avalanche HQ News), and a shout out to CM Husky for his brilliantly made 501st Music Video. You can view this wonderful video HERE.

No Promotions

"I want to commend CP Ghost for the award of killing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, that guy whimpered like a dog, but not CP Ghost." -CS-M Verax


Avalanche HQ

News: The return of ARC comes as a surprise to many. Instead of becoming it’s own detachment like the old days, ARC troopers will integrate within each squad of Avalanche, becoming each squad’s 12th member. Selection of this trooper is preferred to come from within the squad itself, lending a hand to those who value leadership (beyond giving orders) and are believed to be great mentors. Currently, contenders for the ARC positions have been selected, with the interview process under way. 


CI-S Purdy (CP to CS), Archon (CWO-3 to CWO-4)

"If you find yourself in a situation where you need to choose between respect and pride then think about what you would want in return." -CC Player


Acklay HQ

News: With the recent expansion into a Company, Acklay now has 2 Platoons, each with 3 squads. Recruitment is currently closed at this time, however, do not hesitate to express interest, and keep an eye on the #acklay-open Discord channel for the next recruitment announcement, which will be posted by CC Lava, as he wishes to fill the open slots as efficiently as possible. 


Eleck (CT to Sr. CT), Tallon (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Arthur (CT to Sr. CT), Scard (Sr. CT to CP), Exod (CP to CS), Charger (CT to Sr. CT), Solaire (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Nobear (CS to Sr. CS), Snarley (CT to Sr. CT),

“I have stolen good egg from Zeta (Mimir), to become bigger egg.” -CC Lava


Zeta HQ

News: No news at this time.


Arcanist (CT to Sr. CT), Peanut (CR-C to CT), Bemount (CR-C to CT), Bandit (CR-C to CT), Chad (CR-C to CT), Diablo (CR-C to CT), Foxxy (CR-C to CT), Ripjaw (CW to CW-1), Sentinel (CT to CW), Super (CT to CW), Vakarian (CR-C to CT), Kyrie (CR-C to CT), Sparrow (CR-C to CT), Napkin (CR to CR-C), Ikaros (CR to CR-C), Rookie (CR-C to CT), Brosevelt (CR to CR-C), Chack (CR to CR-C), Spud (CR to CR-C), Joker (CR to CR-C), Yhorm (CR to CR-C), Thor (CR-C to CT), Flooded (CR to CR-C), Jello (CR to CR-C), Pie (CR to CR-C)

“Acklay has grown one egg, to become a bigger egg.” -CS Fancy



Avalanche 1

Recruitment: None listed at this time.


Lantern (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Ford (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Swanny (Sr. CT to CP), Silver (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Pollyon (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Shape (CP to CS), Tuch (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Rhino (CT to Sr. CT), Pigeon (CT to Sr. CT)

”1st has hibernated and we're ready to get back in the swing of things.” -CC Point


Avalanche 2

Recruitment: None listed at this time.


Chaser (Sr. CT to CP), Sierra (CR-C to CT), Stoanes (Sr. CT to CP), Bacon (CT to Sr. CT), Black (Sr. CT to CP), Slyder (CT to Sr. CT), 

"Pompano is lazy and didn't give Canik a quote for this newsletter." -CC Crisis


Avalanche 3

Recruitment: (Perm Placement) A3-2 is looking for 1x Bravo Team Lead (RTO qual+C Shop required). Contact CP Bjorn.


Murdock (CP to CS), Drammon (CP to CS), Storm (CT to Sr. CT), Halo (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Cyber (CP to CS), Cerberus (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Canine (CR-C to CT), Versa (CT to Sr. CT), Weepier (Sr. CT to CP), Essay (CT to Sr. CT), Kitsune (Sr. CT to Vt. CT)

No quote this time. (Apologies 3rd Platoon)


Avalanche 4

Recruitment: (Perm Placement) A4-3 is looking for 1 RTO and 1 Trooper. Contact CP Pro.


Cliche (CT to Sr. CT), Scanlon (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Snippy (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Dunpar (CR to CR-C), Anubis (CR-C to CT), Sigma (CT to Sr. CT), Virtox (CT to Sr. CT), Snivy (CT to Sr. CT), Muffins (CT to Sr. CT), Habit (CT to Sr. CT), Craz (CT to Sr. CT),

"It's 2020 but Sam still can't see." -CS-M Drifter




News: Recruitment for Razor and Warden is set to open sometime this month (January)! Keep an eye out in future NewsLetters and the appropriate Discord Announcement Channels!


Mia (CR-C to CX-W (Warden-Petty Officer)), Shatter (CR-C to CX-W (Warden-Petty Officer)), Revos (CX-W (Warden-Sr. P.O. to Vt. P.O.), Whisler (Warden-Sr. P.O. to Vt. P.O.), Kushiban (Flight Officer to LT. Jr Grade), Orange (Sr. Ensign to Flight Officer), Casskun (Sr. Ensign to Flight Officer), Kaj (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Frisk (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Canik (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Floff (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Ethan (Jr. Cadet to Sr. Cadet), Church (Jr. Cadet to Sr. Cadet), Sophia (CR-C to Jr. Cadet), Skali (CR-C to Jr. Cadet), Kurtfurst (CR-C to Jr. Cadet), Blast (CR-C to Jr. Cadet), Duncan (CR-C to Jr. Cadet), Erlien (Flight Officer to LT. Jr Grade), Valkyrr (Jr. Cadet to Sr. Cadet), Zoro (Jr. Cadet to Sr. Cadet), 

“Ok fine, use this...” -CX Scuba



News: Recruitment is set to open soon. Slots for Troopers and Medics will be open. Zeta will have the first opportunity for Trooper slots, then reserves shortly after is slots are still available. Medics from either Zeta or Reserves may request for the slot immediately (upon open recruitment). Contact CX Scuba or CS Zulu.


Truesight (Sr. CT to CP), Zulu (CP to CS), Weiss (CT to CP)

“If that doesn’t work, use this...” -CX Scuba



No promotions this time (Apologies to the RTOs)

 “RTOs got a new toy, watch out for mulligan red smokes. FORE!!” -CI-P Dimitri



Sunshine (CM-C to CM), Beast (CM-C to CM)

No quote this time. (Apologies to the life savers)




A few weeks ago, we in the News Team asked for your best pictures of your strong companions and battle creatures. While the logo and name may imply we want the good bois of the unit, we want to showcase with every Newsletter one lucky animal, kept and befriended by a member within the 501st. This week's winner is (hopefully) not to be a normal occurrence. (Keep a tissue ready, and I'm not crying, you're crying!)

Attach535 20200118 090122CI Yoda, 23 August 2006 - 18 January 2020

Faithful companion to our very own CI Chatter (the graphic designer who made our awesome headers), CI Yoda served his battle buddy for nearly 14 years. CI Yoda will be posthumously awarded the "Bestest Boi" Medal

RIP Brother, You'll be missed.

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Publisher: CX-X Canik

Chief NewsLetter Correspondent: CX-X Canik
Correspondents: CP Swanny, CM Sunshine, CW Super


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