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The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps

The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps



    Overlooking the port town of Kavala from the hills to the East, a team of clone troopers, armor emblazoned in red markings, observes CIS movement. A marksman scopes in on his rifle, lining up a beautiful headshot on a MAAWS equipped B1, steadying his breath.  Next to him, his squad lead zooms in on a T-Series in a fortified building, paying careful attention to its surroundings. The team leader taps his foot, scanning the edge of town. His medic taps his fingers on his carbine. This is what they do. Observe, and assault, but no one wants to observe anymore. Their blood’s itching for a fight.

    “Everyone ready?” The squad lead asks over the squad’s radio, bringing a strange relief to everyone’s senses. After a few affirmatives, he calls up his platoon wide frequency.
“All Kyber callsigns, this is Kyber 1-1. Times one T-Series located. Mission is a go, over.” A moment later, four LAAT’s scream overhead, and Kyber 1-1 advances quickly down the hill to begin their long awaited assault on the town. 












    The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps came into GARC at the end of 2019, joining the famed ranks of the 212th, 101st, and the 501st. While their name implies their primary mission, recon, they are experts in assault as well, with their own squadron LAAT’s, the “Nova Aerial Force”, and the “Beskar” Mechanized Detachment of Bantha’s. At the time writing of this article, Kyber is in the beginning transition steps from Platoon sized to Company, as the unit quickly grows. 


    We got to sit down with some of the members of the 91st and talked about their preferences and what it's like to be in the 91st. As we talk with them, it might come as no surprise that they are a lot like us. Many of their members spend their off time playing games together and working in their respective C-shops. The unit is split into platoons and detachments, with a group of Infantry, Mechanized, and an Air Wing. Though similar in many aspects, it also differs as well.






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Interviewed: CP - 2412 “Kuro”

Anarchy: How is it being in the 91st?
Kuro: Its fun, sometimes the time zones don’t match but the Ops are fun and the community is fun.

Anarchy: How long have you been in the 91st?
Kuro: That’s a really good question. I joined sometime last fall, I don’t really remember when I joined.

Anarchy: Is the 91st your first StarSim Unit?
Kuro: No, I was in the 212th before.

Anarchy: What is your preferred MOS?
Kuro: Mechanized, since I am the Mechanized Lead.

Anarchy: What squad are you in?
Kuro: Beskar Mechanized Detachment.

Anarchy: What is your role in the squad?
Kuro: I am the head of the Detachment.

Anarchy: What is your main asset as mechanized?
Kuro: Our main asset is the Bantha.

Anarchy: What do you like doing when not in official Ops?
Kuro: I like doing C-Shop stuff or just play other games.



Interviewed: CS-6824 “Penguin"

Anarchy: How is it being in the 91st?
Penguin: I think being involved with the 91st kind of gives the impression of a very much militarized unit, in the sense where we stand in the hardcore level of Arma, but we also have a good time and can meme around and still get the job done. I think the vast majority of our players know what standards we have and they know we like to uphold the highest standards for how our guys handle, so overall I thinks it’s a good mix on how the unit runs and also by the players that we have inside the community.

Anarchy: How much time have you been in the 91st?
PenguinI've been in a little under 10 months now.

Anarchy: Is the 91st your first StarSim Unit?
Penguin: Yes, this is my first.

Anarchy: What is your preferred MOS and why?
Penguin: Oooh that’s a tricky one… I would have to say… RTO or JTAC depending on the mission obviously. I think its, you know as much people like being on the ground in Team Lead, Squad Lead, and even Platoon Lead positions, I think there is always certain roles that get placed on the lower end of the spectrum, which is for example... Your marksmen aren’t going to be in a Platoon level, your heavy gunners and auto rifleman aren’t going to be in the Platoon level... I think I like being the RTO because I get the best of both worlds, where I am working with a close nitch group of guys but I also kind of work with the big broad end elements such as our Detachments with both Mechanized and Aviation, so I like to have the broadness of working alongside everybody rather than just being with a few people during Operations and such.

Anarchy: What squad are you in?
Penguin: I am currently the First Sargent for the 1st Platoon

Anarchy: What is your role in the squad?
Penguin: Technically I am the 2IC for the Platoon Lead and I can back up any role I need to go to.

Anarchy: Do you like your current role?
Penguin:  Yeah, I thoroughly enjoy it. I kind of get everything. I am both the part time RTO, so I get to do whatever I want any way, but also I am in a leadership role which means I can still give and take orders as well as kind of help the flow of the unit.

Anarchy: What do you like doing when not in official Ops?
Penguin: I personally like playing with my (R6) Siege team they are kind of my go to. I enjoy playing with them and winning tournaments and just having a good time.








    The 91st holds Main Operations on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, with fun ops at various, unscheduled times. They maintain an active community, with a Discord of over 400 members (found HERE). In addition, both units (the 501st and 91st) are free to join each other during fun ops, and the majority of the 91st Main Operations are GARC friendly. So, next time you need a little more red in your life, be sure to check out the 91st, and see if you can't make some friends! Remember, we are stronger together!


    Next time, we’ll be checking out some troopers who can’t wait to drop in and the changes that have happened in the bottom half of the 501st team speak.

Publisher: CX-X Canik

Main Editor: CT Momentum

Journalists: CT Sentinel, CX-X Shnuffles, CI-C Anarchy

Photos: CS Jupiter

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