501st Newsletter Issue #23

 CT Sideways    25 Jul 2019
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July 14th - July 20th, 2019

CT Sideways, Publisher
Wednesday, July 24th, 2019


Border Example 2

Battalion HQ

“Through the past month, with the increasing amount of recruits coming in, we have to maintain vigilance and keep our level of quality and standards high. Lately we’ve had a minority of members disrespecting others. It is important that should you see any bullying or harassment of any kind or suspect it in any way, please report it to myself or a member of your CoC. The well-being of our community comes first in every aspect.” - MC Jay

Avalanche 1

Cryus (CT to Sr. CT)

“Ready to kick ass and take names this upcoming Operation” - CS-M Point

Avalanche 2

“We have a lot of new blood that we want to make experienced.” - CS-M Crisis

Avalanche 3

Del (Sr. CT to CP), Storm (CR-C to CT) and Zeros (Sr. CT to Vt. CT)

“3rd Platoon is still awaiting the full recovery of our Platoon Commander CC Ewik.” - CS-M Andromeda 


Phantom (CP to CT)


Dylan (CX-X to CX-P)

“PSA: Stay Hydrated. Love, Razor” - CX Scuba

Border Example 4

Story Writers

Do you aspire to craft the stories that entertain and challenge the 501st via the Grand Campaign? Have you dreamed of playing game-master for the community, weaving an intricate narrative and then watching it unfold before your very eyes? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the Story Writing is the place for you. Our team is seeking motivated CR-Cs and above who have imagination, innovation, and a desire to weave the epic tale of the 501st Legion as it battles across the Star Wars Galaxy.

Those who are interested, please contact CW-P Archon for the application guidelines or for further information. - CS-M Coward [Head of Story Writers]

News Writers

The News Team has gone through some significant changes in the last week. We've done away with articles and newsletters being tied together to help us reach a much higher quality for our stories that we produce. We want to ensure we have high quality articles with important information regarding the internal structure of the 501st Legion. This move also allows us to further delegate information inside the news team much quicker than before. We are always looking for feedback, so we've opened polls and comments, which can be found below every posted news article.



When you get engaged in an ambush, get on that belly and return fire. Whoever is in charge will know what to do next, just worry about hitting your target.

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501st News opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the entire community. If you’d like to help the news team, you can in many ways, including but not limited to, signing up for the news team, submitting an article, posting a piece of media or getting publicity for an event. For those interested, please contact either CT Sideways or CP Sense for more information. Your voice matters, let it be heard. We’re currently looking for journalists to collect stories, media and content and story writers to write articles and feel free to leave comments below on what you think.  Also please consider donating to the 501st to help pay for server costs and help keep this community alive and well maintained. Photo credits: CI Rathian Extra graphics by: CT Daku

Chief News Editor: CT Sideways

News Editor: CP Sense, CP Hoodoo

Writers and Journalists: CT Daku, CT Momentum, CX-X Shnuffles, CT Ruse and CT Lucky

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