501st Newsletter Issue #25

 CT Sideways    13 Aug 2019
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August 5th - August 12th, 2019

CT Sideways, Publisher
August 11th 2019

Border Example 2

Battalion HQ

“When in doubt, meme CC Crisis” - CS-M Verax

Avalanche 2

Slyder (CR-C to CT), Charger (CR-C to CT), Merk (CT to Sr. CT) and Black (CT to Sr. CT)
“I have transcended the mortal plane” - CC Crisis

“2nd Platoon is sad to see Sergeant Lupin leave. He has been an excellent squad leader and has set an extraordinary example for his peers. We hope Lupin comes back to us safe, and wish him luck in his endeavors.” - CS Pompano

Avalanche 3

“We’re doing good” - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4

Train (CT to CP), Cholt (CT to CP), Garviel (CT to CP)

“"Hold on, I've got a quote give me a second." - CS-M Coward


"I have been trying this “laying unconscious 8 hours a day” thing people keep recommending. So far it's okay." - CC Lava


Korvus to Team Lead Cyrus, Flux to Team Lead Solus, Owl to Team Lead Beskar

“We are going through some changes in our structure, but we’re looking to the future and look forward to what our new team leads have to offer towards the unit.” - CP Ares


Erlien (CX-X To CX-P)
“Razor supports TFAR beta” - CX Scuba


“Fus Ro Dah!” - CC Klein


"The RTOs are maintaining well, we finally have all of the platoon RTOs in Avalanche at the rank of Corporal, a first in a long time. In addition to this, I will be resigning on the 28th of August due to real life commitments and stepping down to inactive reserves as a veteran trooper until I can find the time to get back into the unit properly. It hasn't been an easy decision to make however I've enjoyed every minute leading the RTOs and progressing the MOS to what it is today.

Also Ewik is Estonian." - CI-O Roadboy


“Just don’t die.” - CP Delta


"You've taken your first step into being a part of the greatest brotherhood in Arma 3, in your time here you learn from failure and maximizing your efficacy to inspire others to grow and learn. We are an army of one man, but the right man for the right job. Welcome brothers."
- 71171 Command Sergeant-Major Verax, Battalion NCOIC

CR December
CR Drebien
CR October
CR Rash
CR Ryce
CR Saint
CR Shield
CR Trig
CR Valkyrr
CR Beowulf



Holding Left Ctr & using your Scroll Wheel can manipulate your speed limiter while in vehicles.

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