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  1. What is the 501st Legion?

    The 501st Legion is made up of clone troppers, and is apart of the Galactic Republic Army to fight off any threat to the Galactic Republic.

    07 Jun 2017
  2. How do I join the 501st Legion?

    To join the 501st Legion, you must first join us on our TeamSpeak 3 (TS) Server - The IP Address to our TS is: ts.501stlegion-a3.com - Once you are in the TS, join one of the Recruitment Standby channels. A recruiter will notice you and come to the channel as soon as they can.

    15 Mar 2018

Game Support

  1. How do I fix my arma 3 memory leak?

    Memory leaks happens in many games, and for the first public version of Star Wars Opposition, the leaks are strong. This does not fix the memory leak, but improves your Frames when the memory leak happens.

    NVIDIA GeForce Cards:

    • Open NVIDIA Control Panel (Right Click On Desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel).
    • Click on Manage 3D Settings >
    • (For None VR Users) Go to Global Settings
      (For VR Users) Go to Program Settings > Select Arma 3 (Select ArmA 3 (arma3.exe) or ArmA 3 (arma3_x64.exe)
    • Select Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames > Set The Value to 1
      Apply the settings if you need to.

    27 Nov 2017


  1. How do I make an account?

    You don't need to make a new account, just login using the Steam button. This will redirect you to Steam to login, use your login details and Steam will send you back to the website, if it doesn't, just retry the steps.

    27 Nov 2017
  2. Why should I login using my Steam account?

    The website uses HybridAuth, which allows users to login to this website with your Steam account. This website will not ask you for youre' Steam login details, and will not ask for your password. The site keeps your Steam Login ID number, youre' email, password, and other information on Steam is not collected and, or stored on the website.

    27 Nov 2017
  3. How do I change my name on the website?

    First you must use the Steam login button to log onto the website, once you have done that, look for your Steam name on the top right of the website, which may have youre' Steam avatar displayed as well. Click on the down arrow, then click on Settings. You will be taken to a webpage that allows you to change your name. To accept the name change, you will also need to put in a email address, this will also give us, the 501st Legion a chance to send you monthly news letters in the future. Once you change your name, and add an email address, you can submit the changes.

    27 Nov 2017
  4. The website isn't displaying correctly

    Most internet browsers keeps a cache of data from websites, such as style sheets, which help displays the websites in youre' internet browser. Youre' best option is to clear the internet browser cache, which will update the 501st style sheet which will show the website.

    27 Nov 2017


  1. What is SW-A3L?

    SW-A3L is an Star Wars Arma 3 Launcher, created for the Star Wars Community that use the Star Wars Opposition Mods for the game Arma 3.

    23 Nov 2017